ThriveFit By Benefitness

Frequently Asked Questions

The exercises will be all tailored to your current level. If you are a beginner movement will meet you where you are at and safely progress you to a higher fitness level. If you are looking at unlocking higher level skills and are at an intermediate level, the program will help you break through plateaus and stay injury free.

Well, it might be easier to tell you what it doesn’t look like. This isn’t a one sized fits all cookie-cutter approach. You won’t be expected to do hours of mindless cardio or HIIT workouts. The program will challenge your weak links, build a solid foundation and also teach you how to create a movement practice that you look forward to each week.

If you are looking for a cheap general workout to ‘lose weight and tone up’ this isn’t for you. While those things often happen as a natural consequence of the training, it is not the focus. This program is entirely dedicated to busy guys and gals over 30-40’s, who want to get strong, lean and pain-free without wasting hours working out each week. You won’t be given a quick fix. This is all about investing in building a foundation for long term health.

No. I’ve clients who have trained with zero equipment for over 2.5 years. A gym gives you more options but is not necessary. I will recommend some beneficial equipment options (rings, TRX, kettlebells) that are optional if you train from home.

The first step is to book a free call with me. If I can help you based on your goals, we will then start the info-gathering phase. I will do a mobility screening & nutrition tracking with you to create your plan for the initial 4 weeks. From there, we tweak and update the program depending on how you are responding each week.

The nutrition coaching part of the Program does not involve diets, meal plans, calorie counting or restrictions. Rather, it gives you a range of different nutritional skills to practice. Like practicing the guitar, a good teacher will meet you at your level and help you improve each week. The skills will push you just a little past your comfort zone, so it keeps you engaged but not too much, so you feel overwhelmed.

This depends on your time available. Some clients do as little as 2x 15-30 minutes a week up to 6 x 60 minutes. The program will teach you how to fit in training year-round despite what’s going on in your life. That’s the real power of the program.

While we guarantee you’ll have all the resources and support you need to transform your body, mind, and lifestyle, naturally, the results you see will depend on your ability to implement instructions and your ability and willingness to train hard. But one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that I have transformed the lives of hundreds of clients over the past 11 years. This program works exceptionally well. Most importantly, it’s sustainable.

Once and for all it depends on what you require. A doctor wouldn’t prescribe a pill, if you need surgery instead.  This isn’t a cheap cookie cutter course or program, the ThriveFit TransformX Blueprint are a once and for all premium life-changing program.  You can invest in your health now or pay for bad health later. 

This is what bad health will cost you:
Diabetes – $15k+ a year
heart disease – $15K a year
kidney disease – $50k+ a year
Triple bypass surgery – $50k+
How much is it worth to avoid all of this?

Helping you rehab injuries or overcome them are a big part of the program. So, if you are seeing a physio, we’ll coordinate with them to ensure the quickest recovery. A lot of times, the program is enough to sort injuries out. If you are on holiday or away for work, we adjust the program so you can fit in what works for you whilst away. This teaches you how to maintain the habit of showing up regardless of what’s going on.

Depending on their goals and what you’re looking for help with, I potentially might be able to help you. If not, I might be able to refer you to a trainer who can help so book a call or enquire through the contact details on the website.